Welcome to Odesa’s lovely blog. Odesa was born on 26 of July 2017 her parents have an Albanian origin and is a resident in Germany.  Modeling activities of Odesa have caught domestic and international attention.  Within German Agencies Odesa has established cooperation with Lilalaune Kids, EliteModel and Modelzwerge. Moreover, her cooperation has also spread across border with several successful international brands , worth mentioning : Guess, VinginoLuxyLondon BabablingsBanditslondonSwankykidsboutiquePinkhaleyboutique etc. A very enthusiastic kid, who was born with a passion for art and also is active in Ballet and Music classes.
Odesa has also been part of international media who were astonished to have as a protagonist a four year old successful girl in the world of fashion. One of the most highlighted television appearances was the invitation Odesa got in MiniFashionista Television.
Only a few years old and Odesa has already embraced a career path which was mostly boosted by her impressive potential.
We now kindly invite you to follow our personal blog and the inspiration Odesa brings to all her peers, parents and the overall world of kids’ fashion.

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